In our degree program, there is a compulsory course module we follow in our second year. That is Software Verification and Validation. As a part of this course module, we had a session about Test Automation conducted by an associate conduct specialist. …

human-computer interaction

A good interface design is a crucial fact in computer technology since it focuses on the interaction between the user and the computer. In this era having a good interface is very important and also poorly designed human-machine interfaces can lead to many unexpected problems.

So it is a must…

Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) is a series of phases which is the process for building and delivering software systems. SDLC has distinct 6 stages: planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance.


As a brief description let’s see what is happening in each step. SDLC starts with requirement gathering a.k.a planning…


What is whistleblowing?

The term Whistleblowing is used when an employee in an organization passes on information concerning wrongdoing. This will usually be something being committed by an organization to individuals or entities itself. Whistleblowing is one of the most effective ways to detect and prevent corruption and other malpractice.

Who is a whistleblower?

Process and Threads

Process means the execution of the program in any application. Thread is the segment of the process which means the basic unit to which the operating system allocates processor time. A process can contain multiple threads.

Single-threaded and multi-threaded process

Single-threaded processes contain the execution of instructions in a single…

At this moment one billion people all over the world use Windows 10, the latest version of the Windows operating system. Microsoft Windows is a family of operating systems that are deployed to personal computers, workstations, servers, and mobile phones. The first Windows OS was launched in 1985 by Microsoft…

Chamodi Jayodya

Software Engineering Undergraduate University of Kelaniya

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