Hands on to Operating Systems- My own OS called ChamoOS

This is the simple operating system I have created, called ChamoOS. It is written in 16-bit x 86 real mode assembly language. This OS gives user the information of the hardware.


  • Linux
  • QEMU PC emulator
  • NASM assembler

I have created the kernal.asm using the basic functions and operations using JOSH OS tutorial. And I have changed relevant assembly codes to display hardware information. I have used the same bootload which I have in reference material, to change to boot the operating system. The OS is booted from the floppy image. For that I have used the image from the MikeOS named operating system.


build-linux.sh after any changes done just need to compile this program then it will rearrange and ready for execution. in linux you can write “sudo bash ./build-linux.sh” in the terminal and compile the program.

disk_images contain flp and iso for images. OS will boot up in a virtual PC. If you want to use it on a real PC, you can write the floppy disk image to a real floppy and boot from it, or generate a CD-ROM ISO image.build

source/bootload bootload.asm contains bios program and bootload.bin machine language.

soruce/features keyboard.asm contain keyboard programs

source kernal.asm is main starting program after bootload.asm finishes kernal.asm will run

Here you can see my source code for the operating system called ChamoOS.




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